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Endoscopic Retrieval Bag

The Single-Use Endoscopic Retrieval Bag | Endoscopic Retriever Bag consists of a long cylindrical tube, handle, and bag body (including support ring); Precision Medical is Endoscopic Retriever Bag manufacturer & supplier,The Endoscopic Retriever Bag price preferential benefit。
  • PQA60/70-60/150

  • Precision

  • 3 years

  • Metal

  • Carton Box

  • 5000 Piece/Pieces per Month

  • 1pc/sterilized box, 10boxes/ctn or as your required

  • CE

  • 3 years

  • 3 years

  • 1unit

  • Yes

  • White

  • Machinery

  • Online technical support

  • Class II


Endoscopic Retrieval Bag introduction

The Single-Use Endoscopic Retrieval Bag | Endoscopic Retriever Bag consists of a long cylindrical tube, handle, and bag body (including support ring); VERA and VERB type picking bag consists of a long cylindrical tube, handle and bag body (including support ring), tie rod; cylindrical The long tube, handle and tie rod are made of ABS material, the bag body is made of TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane) film material; the VER type support ring is made of silicone material, and the VERA and VERB type support ring is made of 12Crl8Ni9.

Disposable Retrieval Bag for Endo Extract with CE and FDA

Model Specifications:

The fetching bag is divided into two types: A (round) and B (ellipse) according to the different appearance of the opening device; according to the different pipe diameters of the use part, it is divided into five specifications: 40mm, 60mm, 80mm, 100mm, and 130mm.

Model specification ML Limit deviation L1 Limit deviation 12 Limit deviation   Bearing weight(g)
PQWA-40 40 ±10.0
±10.0 / ±10.0 40
PQWA-60 75 75
PQWB-80 200
92 82 200
PQWB-100 350 113 99 350
PQWB-130 700 154 118 700

Lead Time:


1 - 500


Est. Time(days)


To be negotiated

Endoscopic Retriever Bag - Changzhou Precision

Endoscopic Retrieval Bag Scope of Application

endoscopic retriever bag is suitable for removing the excised internal tissues out of the body during minimally invasive surgery.

Usage of Endoscopic Retrieval Bag

  • The single use endo retrieval bag is not intended for use when endoscopic techniques are contraindicated.

  • The single use endo retrieval bag is not intended for use with any shape edge tissue, like crushed bones.

Endoscopic Retrieval Bag Features & Indications

Features of Endo Retrieval Bag

  • 6 sizes provide more options for different sizes specimen.

  • Medical grade nontoxic TPU material.

  • Retriever bag could open automatically and smoothly easy to operation.

  • Excellent performance of elasticity and intensity to ensure reliable and convenient operation.

Indication of Disposable Endobag:

The endobag use is intended for retrieving of specimen from the cavities in endoscopic surgeries.

Endoscopic Retrieval Bag How to use:

1. When opening the product packaging, the inner casing, the opening device and the holding bag are pre-installed in the outer casing.

2. Extend the retrieval bag to the surgical site through the puncture cannula.

3. Keep the inner sleeve still, and withdraw the outer sleeve backwards until the opening device and the bag are fully expanded (Note: You must keep the inner sleeve still, pull the outer sleeve back to open the device and the bag The mouth is fully expanded. If the outer sleeve remains stationary, pushing the inner sleeve forward can fully expand the opening device and the mouth of the bag, but it may cause serious damage or even breakage of the bag, resulting in tissue fragments of the bag leakage).

4. Put the diseased tissue removed during the operation into the bag (note: the volume of the included object should not exceed the maximum capacity of the bag of each specification in the above table).

5. After collecting the excised tissue, keep the outer sleeve still, withdraw the inner sleeve backwards, and gather the mouth of the holding bag at the front end of the outer sleeve.

6. Withdraw the outer sleeve, inner sleeve and puncture device backwards, and pull the mouth of the bag to the outside of the body.

7. Break the inner sleeve along the notch near the rear handle, remove the outer sleeve and puncture sleeve.

8. Grasp the bag opening on the incision with your fingers, and push the metal wire on the opening device forward to easily open the closed bag opening.

9. Use surgical instruments to go deep into the holding bag to remove the excised tissue (the holding bag shall not be damaged when the surgical instruments are inserted into the holding bag to take out the excised tissue to prevent the broken tissue from leaking).

10. After the excised tissue is completely taken out, pull out the holding bag (before pulling out the holding bag, make sure that the excised tissue in the holding bag has been completely taken out. If you need to take out a complete tissue specimen, do not pull it forcibly when encountering resistance. It can be properly expanded after the incision is pulled out to prevent the bag from rupturing).

Disposable Medical Device Laparoscopic Endobag

Disposable Endo Retrieve Bag

Transparent Extract Bag

Endoscopic Retrieval Bag

For superior surgical outcomes ,  hospital economics and Clinic

Broad range

Easy to use



If you are looking for high quality low price best selling disposable retrieval bag from China with ISO 13485 and CE certificate, new design medical instrument of disposable retrieval bag with high quality and competitive price from direct manufacturer.

Disposable Retrieval Bag:

This Medical Specimen Retrieval Bags are CE marked and manufactured under ISO 13485 quality system.

It is a single-use specimen retrieval bag used for retrieving/removing excised pathological tissue/organ/specimen in Laparoscopic surgery/Minimally Invasive Surgery.

More safety, High quality, More convenience

---- ISO13485 and CE approved

-- Exceptional safety and security

-- TPU bag for superior durability

Disposable Retrieval Bag Features:

The surface of the retrieval bag sleeve shall be bright, and its surface roughness Ra shall not be greater than 0.8um. Each connection of the retrieval bag shall be firm, and can withstand 20n pulling force without disconnection and fracture. The tightness between the sleeve, handle and bag opening device is moderate, which is convenient for surgical operation. After the bag is released, the opening can be fully opened. The peel strength of the inner package seal of the retrieval bag shall be 0.1n/mm-0.5n/mm. The torn two contact surfaces shall be smooth, continuous and uniform without delamination or tearing

Disposable Retrieval Bag FAQ:

1. Q: Are you disposable retrieval bag manufacturer or trading company?

A: disposable retrieval bag manufacturer & factory & supplier

2. Q: Can I order 1 or 2 pcs as the same price for the distributors?

A: Yes

3. Q: What is the delivery time?

A: 7 days for Storage.

4. Q:Can you print our logo on the products?


5. Q: What’s your warranty and after service policy?

A:3 Years

6. Q: What is the MOQ?

A:1 piece

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Endoscopic Retrieval Bag | Endoscopic Retriever Bag - Precision Medical

Endoscopic Retriever Bag,Endoscopic Retriever Bag supplier,Endoscopic Retriever Bag manufacturer & factory

Disposable Medical Device Laparoscopic Endobag, Disposable Endo Retrieve Bag, Transparent Extract Bag

Disposable Retrieval Bag for Endo Extract with CE

Disposable instrument extract retrieval bags for medical use

Disposable retrieval extract bags for surgery

Medical Disposable retrieval extracr bags with CE competitive price


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