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Hemorrhoidal Stapler

Hemorrhoidal stapler (SHS, PSHS type) is mainly composed of:staple holder, staple box, lock ring, safety block, movable handle cover, adjustment nut, fixed handle, staple, circular knife, knife shock absorb, support sleeve, anal plug , Peep sleeve and wire rod.
  • PYGC-32

  • Precision

  • 32*4.2

  • Awl

  • 3 years

  • Metal, Plastic, Steel

  • Carton Box

  • 1000 Acre/Acres per Month

  • one piece in one box, 5boxes per carton

  • TUV

  • Surgical Room

  • 3 years

  • Yes

  • White/Black

  • Manual

  • Online technical support


Hemorrhoidal Stapler introduction

Hemorrhoidal Stapler Scope of Application :

Disposable anorectal stapler Used for selective removal of mucosa on the dentate line.

The disposable hemorrhoids stapler is a set of instruments that place a double staggered, circular row of titanium staples. Immediately after the formation of staples, the circular knife blade resects the excess of compressed mucosa or musculomucosa. The disposable circular stapler for hemorrhoids set is commonly used in the procedures for prolapse and hemorrhoids.

Hemorrhoidal Stapler Detailed Images :


Hemorrhoidal Stapler Characters :

  • Using imported pure titanium nail, reduce intraoperative bleeding.

  • To reduce postoperative pain and speed up recovery cycle.

  • Extra-large nail bin volume,which can accommodate more tissues.

Model Height of Nail(mm) Number of Titanium Nail cutting Diameter(mm) Outside Diameter(mm)
PYGC-32 3.8 32 24 32
PYGC-34 4.0 32 26 34
PYGC-36 4.0 36 28 36

Uses of Hemorrhoidal Stapler :

  • Do not use the hemorrhoidal circular stapler where the compressed tissue thickness is less than 1.0mm or greater than 2.5mm or where the rectum will not be able to accommodate the instrument and accessories.

  • Do not use the stapler for hemorrhoids when anal stenosis exists.

  • Do not use the disposable hemorrhoids stapler when severe mucosal edema exists.

  • Do not use the disposable hemorrhoids stapler when severe fibrosis of hemorrhoid tissue exists.

  • Do not use the piles stapler when tissue has undergone multiple injections of hardening agent at hemorrhoids.

  • Do not use the stapler for piles on the patients undergoing anticoagulation therapy.


Anorectal Stapler Packing information :

Moq : 1set
Packaging : Outer package-----Carton
Inner package ------ Standard carton with foam
Shipping : by sea/ by air

The basic size of the anorectal stapler in millimeters

Model specification L D1 D2 Number of nail grooves
PYGC-32 378 ±5 32 ±0.5 24 ±0.5 32
PYGC-34 378 ±5 34 ±0.5 2S ±0.5 32
PYGC-36 378 ±5 36 ±0.5 28 ±0.5 32

Hemorrhoidal Stapler Lead Time:


1 - 50


Est. Time(days)


To be negotiated

Hemorrhoidal Stapler How to use :

1. Use three atraumatic forceps to fix and spread the hemorrhoids at the three points where the prolapse of the hemorrhoids is less and the anal ectropion is slight. Put the introducer on the dilator, insert the dilator together, and remove the dilator. Sew a stitch around the perianal front and back, fix the introducer, and confirm the position of the dentate line through the transparent anal canal introducer;

2. Insert the anorectal suture device through the introducer on the opposite side of the hemorrhoids and the most obvious prolapse. This device can cover the prolapsed mucosa within 270 degrees around the rectal wall; about 4 cm above the dentate line along the submucosa Make a purse-string suture, by rotating the stitcher, complete rectal purse-string suture with 4-6 stitches. Suture is only performed on the mucosa and submucosa, avoid damaging the muscle layer, and ensure that the suture is complete;

3. Exit the stitcher, tighten the purse-string suture appropriately, unscrew the anorectal stapler to the maximum position, remove the protective cover, and insert the staple seat above the purse-string suture through the introducer. Tighten the suture and tighten the suture. To tie the knot, pull the tail end of the suture from the side hole of the anorectal stapler with a hook thread device, and pull the ligation thread moderately toward the handle to make the sutured and ligated mucosa and submucosal tissue enter the empty space of the anorectal stapler. In the cavity, tighten the adjusting nut of the stapler at the same time until the indicator needle enters the green area of the window, pull down the safety block, grasp the handle and fire, and complete the resection and suture at one time;

4. After firing, keep it closed for more than 30 seconds, loosen the adjusting nut of the stapler and gently withdraw the instrument, check the anastomosis, and add a few stitches if necessary.

Hemorrhoidal Stapler Features & Benefits :

24.1ml ultra-large capacity - Accommodate more tissue.

One-piece central rod design - Ensure excellent concentricity and verticality. Ensure consistency of the piles operation stapler.

53mm central rod design - Providing better operation view.

Single edged circular knife - Ensure sharper cutting

Obvious feedback when firing - High quality gasket provide obvious audible and tactile feedback.

Variable speed tail - Protect stomas while removing stapler,uniformly squeeze tissue when closing stapler.

More Staples - Providing excellent hemostatic effect.

Indicate window design Tissue compression scale - Fire until the indicators within the green zone,ensure the safe suture.

Precision Medical FAQ:

1. Q: Are you Hemorrhoidal Stapler manufacturer or trading company?

A: Hemorrhoidal Stapler Manufacturer

2. Q: Can I order 1 or 2 pcs as the same price for the distributors?

A: Yes

3. Q: What is the delivery time?

A: 7 days for Storage.

4. Q:Can you print our logo on the products?


5. Q: What’s your warranty and after service policy?

A:3 Years

6. Q: What is the MOQ?

A:1 piece

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