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Quality First is our business philosophy, Anorectal Surgery Instruments now has a modern standard workshop, 100,000 class purification workshop, 10,000 class aseptic testing laboratory, and advanced processing and testing equipment. in terms of technology and quality are the leading domestic aquatic products.
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Anorectal Surgery Instruments 

With the improvement of people's diet, many anorectal diseases are not considered serious or serious. But the level of trouble and pain is at the forefront of various diseases. Our company's Single Use Hemorrhoidal Stapler, single use anorectal ligation device and components are suitable for the two surgical methods of hemorrhoidal mucosa circumcision and internal hemorrhoid ligation, which provide patients with more select.

As a minimally invasive PPH operation, the Single Use Hemorrhoidal Stapler and its accessories are mainly used in hemorrhoidal mucosal circumcision and hemorrhoidectomy. Our anorectal instruments haveL Hemorrhoidal Stapler,Anal Hemorrhoid Ligation Instrument. In the traditional internal hemorrhoid ligation operation, the single use anorectal ligation device and components are used. Our product is fully equipped and can be used for one time to prevent cross-infection.

Types of Anorectal Surgery Instruments

  • Hemorrhoidal Stapler

    Hemorrhoidal stapler (SHS, PSHS type) is mainly composed of:staple holder, staple box, lock ring, safety block, movable handle cover, adjustment nut, fixed handle, staple, circular knife, knife shock absorb, support sleeve, anal plug , Peep sleeve and wire rod.

    Hemorrhoidal Stapler Scope of Application : Disposable anorectal stapler Used for selective removal of mucosa on the dentate line.
    The disposable hemorrhoids stapler is a set of instruments that place a double staggered, circular row of titanium staples. Immediately after the formation of staples, the circular knife blade resects the excess of compressed mucosa or musculomucosa. The disposable circular stapler for hemorrhoids set is commonly used in the procedures for prolapse and hemorrhoids.
    Hemorrhoidal Stapler - Precision
  • Anal Hemorrhoid Ligation Instrument

    The single use anorectal ligation device is mainly composed of a protective cover, an inhalation tube, a ferrule, a firing ring, a firing rod, a reset button, a fixed handle, an inhalation switch, a negative pressure trachea connector, a trigger, etc.; the accessories include a peep sleeve and an anal plug. Use sterile products.
    The ferrule ferrule assembly is mainly composed of a protective cover, an air suction tube, a ferrule, a firing ring, and a rubber ring.
    Single-use anorectal ligation devices are delivered with 1 or 2 ferrule assemblies per factory.

    Disposable Hemorrhoid Ligator is suitable for band ligation treatment of hemorrhoids and mixed hemorrhoids or rectal benign polyps in various periods.Precision Medical is disposable anal hemorrhoid ligation instrument manufacturer & supplier & factory.
    Anal Hemorrhoid Ligation Instrument - Precision Medical

Precision Medical Quick Details 

OEM/ODM: Yes - Precision Medical

Leading Laparoscopic Surgical Instruments 7 days for Storage
7 days for Storage

After-sale Service: Online technical support
 After-sale Service:
Online technical support

Packaging Details: 20pcs/box
Packaging Details:

Port: hanghai or other Chinese ports

Port: hanghai or other Chinese ports

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Benefits From Your Anorectal Surgery Instruments Manufacturer

  • Purchase Leading Anorectal Surgery Instruments Price
    Precision Medical automated equipment increases productivity and significantly reduces labor costs, our factory gives this margin to our clients, Anorectal Surgery Instruments we have a more competitive price.
  • Fast Production Turn-around
    Automatic production lines increase production speed and efficiency.
    Stock up for long-term customers, 7 days for Storage.
  • Quality Control and Adequate Capacity
    Quality Control and Adequate Capacity
    All our factory's products are 100% quality control.
    Each piece of Types of Laparoscopic Instruments is tested after production and before shipment.
    All the workers are skilled workers with 10+ years more than 10 years of experience in medical device manufacturing.
    Precision Medical has 35 types of Instruments.
    Precision Medical now has a modern standard workshop, 100,000 class purification workshops and 10,000 class aseptic testing laboratories, and advanced processing and testing equipment.
    OEM Service Offered, Design Service Offered, Buyer Label Offered
    Department of technology design and produce according to customer requirements.
    Precision Medical can supply you with support when you need special requirements.
  • Anorectal Surgery Instruments Samples Support
    MOQ: 1 piece
    What is the delivery time?    7 days for Storage.
  • Worry-free After-sale Services
    Our sales team is professional at marketing, just-in-time delivery, documents operation, warehousing, and shipment.

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  who are we?

Precision Medical are based in Jiangsu, China, start from 2021,sell to Domestic Market(60.00%),Africa(10.00%),Western Europe(10.00%),North America(10.00%),Southeast Asia(5.00%),Eastern Europe(5.00%). There are total about 301-500 people in our office.

  how can we guarantee quality?

Always a pre-production sample before mass production;
Always final Inspection before shipment;

  what can you buy from us?

Medical equipment,Medical consumables

  what services can we provide?

Accepted Delivery Terms: FOB,EXW;
Accepted Payment Currency: USD,EUR,CNY;
Accepted Payment Type: T/T,Credit Card,PayPal,Cash;
Language Spoken: English,Chinese

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Anorectal Surgery Instruments FAQ

  • Q Do you have staplers and reloads for open surgery?

    A Our disposable linear stapler and  linear stapler reload, The linear stapler is driven by staples aligned in a straight line on the tissue to replace manual surgical cutting or suture. The application of this instrument can save the operation time; reduce the bleeding of the patient.
  • Q What's the function of skin stapler and wound protector in open surgery?

    A Our disposable skin stapler and surgical wound protector are widely used in open surgery, which greatly facilitates the operation of doctors. The medical staple gun and staple remover can be used for suture and staples removal of surgical wounds safely and efficiently. The applied medical wound protector can effectively protect the incision edge during open surgery, which is convenient for doctors.
  • Q What's the advantages of your open surgical instruments disposable circular stapler?

    A Our circular surgical stapler insurance mechanism should be flexible to open and close and safe to use. The return spring should be flexible enough to return quickly when the handle is released. The stapler should have good anastomosis and cutting performance, and the staple end is sharp. After anastomosis, the staples are “B” shaped, and the circular knife has almost no curling edges or chipping edges. After the anastomosis, the anastomosis can withstand a pressure of not less than 3.6 × 103Pa, and there is no leakage or tearing.

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