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Circular Stapler

Hemorrhoidal stapler (SHS, PSHS type) is mainly composed of:staple holder, staple box, lock ring, safety block, movable handle cover, adjustment nut, fixed handle, staple, circular knife, knife shock absorb, support sleeve, anal plug , Peep sleeve and wire rod.
  • PYGC-32

  • Precision

  • 11/13/14/17/21/27/25

  • Ultraviolet Light


  • 10000 Piece/Pieces per Week

  • 20pcs/box

  • CE

  • 2 years

  • Yes

  • Online technical support

  • Class II


Circular Stapler introduction

Circular Stapler Scope of Application :

Circular stapler used for end-to-end, end-to-side and side-to-side anastomosis of the digestive tract during reconstruction operations of the digestive tract such as the esophagus, stomach, and intestines.

Circular Stapler supplier - Precision Medical

Circular Stapler Features :

  • No lip nails thus causing minimum damage.

  • Ring knife manufactured in special technological process,which is sharp in cutting.

  • Washer providing specially percussion sound.

Circular Stapler Size Of The Tubular Stapler In Millimeters :

Model specification L D1 D2 Nail slot
Basic size Extreme eye deviation Basic size Extreme eye deviation Basic size Extreme eye deviation
PYGX-17 449 ±3 17 ±1 10 ±0.5 16
PYGX-19 449 ±3 19 ±1 11 ±0.5 16
PYGX-21 449 ±3 21 ±1 13 ±0.5 18
PYGX-23 449 ±3 23 ±1 15 ±0.5 18
PYGX-26 449 ±3 26 ±1 18 ±0.5 20
PYGX-29 449 ±3 29 ±1 21 ±0.5 24
PYGX-32 449 ±3 32 ±1 24 ±0.5 28
PYGX-33 449 ±3 33 ±1 25 ±0.5 28
PYGX-35 449 ±3 35 ±1 27 ±0.5 32

Circular Stapler Lead Time :

Quantity(Pieces) 1 - 200 >200
Est. Time(days) 3 To be negotiated

Circular Stapler How To Use

1. Before use, make sure that the red safety button is in the closed state, remove the blue protective cover, and check that there should be no omissions in the titanium nails in the nail bin;

2. Put the staple holder and the body of the stapler into the two ends of the organ tissue to be anastomosed, and make a purse-string suture around the organ tissue at both ends of the staple holder and the guide shaft of the body respectively;

3. In the end-to-end anastomosis and end-to-side anastomosis, the purse-string extension rod can be used for the convenience of purse-packing. Insert the purse-string extension rod into the circlip tube of the abutment socket, then put the abutment socket into the tissue to be anastomosed, make a purse-string suture around the circlip tube, and then use the forceps to clamp the circlip tube to take out the purse-string Extension;

4. Insert the nail abutment seat into the guide shaft of the body, at this time, you can hear a clear sound, and then turn the adjusting nut clockwise to make the two broken ends of the anastomotic tissue close and press tightly to ensure that there is no nail seat and the nail chamber. Excess tissue, and the indicator needle has entered the green area in the window, determine the firing position according to the thickness of the tissue;

5. Confirm that the anastomosed tissues at both ends have been respectively embedded in the cavities of the nail seat and the body, open the red safety button, firmly grasp the handle, and fire at one time. At this time, a crisp "click" can be heard. The sound indicates that the firing has been completed, and hold the handle tightly for 30 to 60 seconds.

6. Rotate the adjusting nut counterclockwise for 2 to 3 turns, then gently shake the instrument left and right and slowly withdraw it outward;

7. Pull out the nail seat and check the circular integrity of the cut tissue. If any incompleteness is found, several stitches must be added to the corresponding part.

Circular Stapler - Precision Medical

Circular Stapler - Black

Circular Stapler - Precision Medical(changzhou)

Circular Stapler - White

Circular Stapler Features & Benefits :

  • One-piece anvil provide strong support

      Ensure the “B” shape formation

  • 5.8mm extra-thin anvil

      Easy to be placed into purse-string

  • Variable speed tail

      Protect stomas while removing stapler, uniformly squeeze tissue when closing.

  • Single edged circular knife

      Ensure sharper cutting

  • Indicated window design Tissue compression scale

      Fire until the indicators within the green zone, ensure the safe suture.

  • Patented clamping slot design

      Ensure better connection and smooth placement, reduces the damage when placing into the tissue.

Uses of Circular Stapler :

  1. The Single Use Circular Stapler places a circular, double staggered row of titanium staples when it is activated. Immediately after staple formation, the circular knife blade resects the excess tissue and creates a circular anastomosis.

  2. Do not use the Single Use surgical circular stapler on any tissue that will be compressed to less than

    1mm in thickness as the staples will not be tight enough to ensure hemostasis.

  3. Do not use the disposable circular stapler on any tissue which cannot be compressed comfortably to 2.0mm for 21 mm and 23mm, 2.3mm for 25mm and 27mm, 2.5mm for 29mm, 31 mm and 33mm in thickness. Overly thick inverted tissue could be crushed when the instrument is closed. Failure to do it may result in poor heeding, or narrowing of the anastomosis.

  4. The Single Use surgical circular stapler should not be used if the instrument is too large for the diameter of the structure, which could be stretched or thinned out by introducing the instrument. Failure to that leakage and narrowing of the anastomosis could occur.

  5. Do not use the Single Use surgical circular stapler unless sufficient tissue presents and allows proper inversion of tissue edges, so that staples may be placed securely.

  6. Do not use the Single Use Circular Stapler unless adequacy of hemostasis can be visually verified after firing.

Circular Surgical Stapler Indication :

circular-stapler-Indication - Precision(changzhou)medical

Circular Stapler FAQ :

1. Q: Are you circular stapler manufacturer or trading company?

A: Precision is circular stapler manufacturer & supplier & factory

2. Q: Can I order 1 or 2 pcs as the same price for the distributors?

A: Yes

3. Q: What is the delivery time?

A: 7 days for Storage.

4. Q:Can you print our logo on the products?


5. Q: What’s your warranty and after service policy?

A:3 Years

6. Q: What is the MOQ?

A:1 piece

Circular Stapler - Precision Medical


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