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  • Q Do you have staplers and reloads for open surgery?

    A Our disposable linear stapler and  linear stapler reload, The linear stapler is driven by staples aligned in a straight line on the tissue to replace manual surgical cutting or suture. The application of this instrument can save the operation time; reduce the bleeding of the patient.
  • Q What's the function of skin stapler and wound protector in open surgery?

    A Our disposable skin stapler and surgical wound protector are widely used in open surgery, which greatly facilitates the operation of doctors. The medical staple gun and staple remover can be used for suture and staples removal of surgical wounds safely and efficiently. The applied medical wound protector can effectively protect the incision edge during open surgery, which is convenient for doctors.
  • Q What's the advantages of your open surgical instruments disposable circular stapler?

    A Our circular surgical stapler insurance mechanism should be flexible to open and close and safe to use. The return spring should be flexible enough to return quickly when the handle is released. The stapler should have good anastomosis and cutting performance, and the staple end is sharp. After anastomosis, the staples are “B” shaped, and the circular knife has almost no curling edges or chipping edges. After the anastomosis, the anastomosis can withstand a pressure of not less than 3.6 × 103Pa, and there is no leakage or tearing.
  • Q What's the speciality of your laparoscopic surgical instruments?

    Endo stapler has the fourth generation reload technology, multiple models, multiple colors, and multiple choices. It can adapt to different tissue thicknesses and has better hemostatic effect.
    Endo stapler has the fourth generation reload technology, multiple models, multiple colors, and multiple choices. It can adapt to different tissue thicknesses and has better hemostatic effect.
  • Q What's the function of the endoscopic retrieval bag in laparoscopic surgery?

    A he endo retrieval bag can be used to remove the resected material during surgery. The endo bags we produce are sterilized with ethylene oxide and disposable packaging. It is made of gloves and plastic. The excellent substitute of the bag can avoid the contact between the diseased tissue and the healthy tissue, which is beneficial for the removal of malignant cysts, endometrium and other resections, and reduces the infection and pathological tissue residue.
    Endoscopic Retriever Bag - Changzhou Precision

  • Q Do you produce the trocar used in laparoscopic surgery?

    A We produce trocars for laparoscopic surgery. The gas injection valve, sealing cap, and conversion sealing cap of our trocar have good sealing performance, and there  no obvious leakage after 4KPa air pressure. The gas blocking valve of the trocar  have good gas barrier properties. After 4KPa air pressure, less than 20 bubbles will pop up. It mainly has a patented eagle mouth design, which can reduce the risk of visceral injury by expanding the tissue gap.
    Disposable laparoscopic puncture apparatus - PrecisionDisposable Laparoscopic Puncture - Precision(changzhou)medical 2

  • Q Do you have surgical instruments to deal with the bleeding in laparoscopic surgery?

    A In laparoscopic surgery, there is often bleeding, and we can find the bleeding point through the disposable laparoscopic suction irrigation cannula ; flushing and suctioning the laparoscope before the surgical incision is closed can reduce the chance of infection; the suction can remove the smoke generated, Thereby improving the surgical field of vision.
  • Q What's the flagship product of Victormedic disposable laparoscopic instruments ?

    A Endoscopic linear stapler is our company's flagship product with multiple patented technologies. The use of this instrument in endoscopic surgery can reduce surgical incisions, reduce bleeding in patients, and save surgical practices. It can easily enter the human body through the trocar for suture.
    Endoscopic linear stapler is suitable for the resection, transection and anastomosis of tissues in endoscopic surgery of abdominal surgery, gynecology, pediatrics and thoracic surgery.

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